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Attention Span 2012 | Maya Weeks

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Maggie Nelson | Bluets | Wave Books | 2009

To go out from the point of a colour.

Gaston Bachelard, trans. Maria Jolas | The Poetics of Space | Beacon Press | 1994

Reading this aloud on the wooden floor of a one-room apartment in Sweden furnished with only a coffee table and four old grammar school chairs. Trying not to fall in love.

Jean Baudrillard, trans. James Benedict | The System of Objects | Verso | 2005

Addresses the positive space to Bachelard’s negative, with a complementary regard for sublimation. What makes a world?

Marcel Proust, trans. C. K. Scott Moncrief and Terence Kilmartin, revised by D. J. Enright | Swann In Love | Modern Library | 1998

Mitigate time, space, sensation. “An anguish the present assuagement of which was so agreeable that it might almost be called happiness.”

Joan Retallack | The Poethical Wager | California | 2004

Yelling from this on the steps at Occupy Oakland. Witnessing closed membranes become more permeable.

Anaïs Nin | Diary Volume I 1931-1934 | Mariner | 1969

“I am not committed to any of the political movements which I find full of fanaticism and injustice, but in the face of each human being, I act democratically and humanly. I give each human being his due. I disregard class and possessions. It is the value of their spirit, of their human qualities I pay my respect to, and to their needs as far as I am able to fulfill them. If all of us acted in unison as I act individually, there would be no wars and no poverty.”

Gertrude Stein | The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas | Vintage | 1990

Did not begin again, just began.

Arthur Rimbaud, trans. Bernard Mathieu | A Season in Hell / Illuminations | BOA | 1991

“It’s the vision of numbers. We’re going towards the spirit. What I’m saying is absolutely sure, it’s oracular. I understand and, not knowing how to explain myself without using pagan words, I’d rather shut up.”

Theresa Hak Kyung Cha | Dictee | California | 2001

Three generations, four languages, unreckonable stories.

John Ashbery | Flow Chart | Farrar | 1998

Every time I’ve gone swimming this week I’ve found myself bleeding when I’ve gotten out of the water without knowing what’s scraped me. Until I was two-thirds of the way through this book I didn’t have any idea what I was reading, then I felt like I was on an endless beach walk.

Inger Christensen, trans. Susanna Nied | It | New Directions | 2006

Life is holy. While the Danish language emphasizes location, English relies on time. How does this play out in the coda? the pronoun? us?


Maya Weeks’s obsession is and has been and probably will continue to be the intersection of systemic + intimate. Based in Oakland, California, her endeavors are in merging worlds.

This is her first contribution to Attention Span. Return to 2012 directory.

Written by Steve Evans

October 24, 2012 at 10:36 am

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