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Attention Span 2012 | Craig Dworkin

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Brian Ang, ed. | Armed Cell 3 | Armed Cell | 2012

“guppy / tension” [Maya Weeks]

Michael Cross | Katechon, lines 101-200 | Compline | 2012

“I am beaten by time, this eve, sleeps and no raveled sleep either—a non-existent narrative corresponding to a non-existent desire to explain”

Laurie Duggan | Allotments| Fewer & Further | 2011

“the notebook / steers towards November”

Crane Giamo | Gun Spread Butter | Pocalypstic / Delete | 2012

“ere / eve / all     pretty lit / youth / ish”

Peter Manson, trans. | Stéphane Mallarmé: The Poems in Verse | Miami UP | 2012

“I sense / the widowed stone divested fold by fold”

Sandra Ridley | Post-Apothecary | Pedlar | 2011

“I am breathing on my own but my fears are blunted flat”

Chuck Stebelton | Asterisk 13 | Fewer & Further | 2012

“the thumb string drones / a cabinet clock”

Eleni Stecopoulos | Daphnephoria | Compline | 2012

“no one young can see opacity’s protection / but no one can see like the young in the dark”

Mac Wellman | Rat Minaret | Little Red Leaves | 2012

“A medley of whacks / watted.”

Sara Wintz, ed. | The Feeling Is Mutual: A List of Our Fucking Demands| SPT Benefit | 2012

“I want volume and accuracy / why doesn’t this thing have any answers” [Paul Ebenkamp]


Craig Dworkin has recently co-edited Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing (with Kenneth Goldsmith, Northwestern University Press, 2011) and The Sound of Poetry / The Poetry of Sound (with Marjorie Perloff, University of Chicago Press, 2010).

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Written by Steve Evans

October 23, 2012 at 9:20 am

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