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Attention Span 2012 | Pattie McCarthy

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Julia Bloch | Letters to Kelly Clarkson | Sidebrow | 2012

“Dear Kelly, // I was moving one square of air from one corner of the country to another, / I held that square in my mouth or cheek so I could still talk, breathe, even / sing while holding it.”

CA Conrad | A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon | Wave | 2012

“what I really want / is to scatter / my own / ashes”

Rachel Blau DuPlessis | Draft 96: Velocity | Little Red Leaves | 2011

“tight astride the no of Yes, / inside a stranger, starker yes of No.”

Susana Gardner | Herso | Black Radish | 2011

“what was once unwanted / so wavering     was now so — this new I, / small hero.”

Jenn McCreary | Odyssey & Oracle | Least Weasel | 2011

“I don’t think / of a white bear so hard, I can’t think of a wish.”

Lisa Robertson | Nilling | Bookthug | 2012

“26. Thus the interdiction against reading — it was Rousseau who said that any girl who reads is already a lost girl. The codex has lent her its secrecy. She will read in spite of any law.”

Elizabeth Robinson | Three Novels | Omnidawn | 2011

“The soft, mathematical breath of a nocturne. The fresh paint on the doorsill / clings to the nightclothes of this apparition.”

Juan José Saer, trans. Steve Dolph | Scars | Open Letter | 2011

“The fourth time I saw her I was on the bus and she was standing on the corner. I watched her from the rear window until she disappeared. A month later I was the one standing on the corner while she passed on the bus. Then I didn’t see her for several months, and finally I forgot about her.”

Cole Swensen | Gravesend | California | 2012

“actually exists      the proper name of an excised space”

Laura Walker | Follow-Haswed | Apogee | 2012

“pencils / exhaust / all of the sentences of Engish”

Matvei Yankelevich | Alpha Donut | United Artist | 2012

“BUSTER: The novel will be about Paris / because no one will let me go to Paris / where love is free. VLADIMIR: Everyone gets / their just desserts. BUSTER: All I get is jello.”


Pattie McCarthy is the author of bk of (h)rs, Verso, Table Alphabetical of Hard Words, and Marybones (forthcoming), all from Apogee Press. Her most recent chapbook is L&O, published by Little Red Leaves. A 2011 Pew Fellow in the Arts, she teaches literature and creative writing at Temple University.

Pattie McCarthy’s contributions to Attention Span for 2011, 2010. Return to 2012 directory.

Written by Steve Evans

November 20, 2012 at 8:30 am

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