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Attention Span 2011 | Simon Schuchat

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Amitav Ghosh | Sea of Poppies | Farrar | 2008

Multicultural, racial cross-dressing, from “Paul et Virginie” in Mauritius to Calcutta and beyond, narrated in Hobson Jobson.

Wendy Doniger | The Hindus | Penguin | 2009?

A guide through the dazzling forest of ideal and concept and dispute.

Wilkie Collins | No Name | Penguin Classics | 1862/2004

The revenger’s tragicomic melodrama.

Mark McGurl | The Program Era: Postwar Fiction and the Rise of Creative Writing | Harvard |2009

Alarming and persuasive account of contemporary fiction; “poetry’s patronage chains are too complex….”

David Meltzer | When I Was A Poet | City Lights | 2011 

Sweet retrospection, knowledge painfully acquired.

William Corbett | The Whalen Poem | Hanging Loose | 2011

A masterly homage to a master.

Terence Winch | Falling out of bed in a room with no floor | Hanging Loose | 2011

“religion is no match for sex”

Susie Timmons | The New Old Paint | Faux/Other | 2010

Brilliant, diamond-hard sense, “a celebration of the secret romance people have with their alienation.”

Andrei Codrescu | The Poetry Lesson | Princeton | 2010

Confessions of the instructor: brio and disgust and despair, leading to joy.

Tim Dlugos, ed. David Trinidad | A Fast Life: The Collected Poems of Tim Dlugos | Nightboat | 2011

The O’Hara of his generation: “So much to say, / so little time. / Then all of a sudden / nothing.”

Frederick W. Mote | China and the Vocation of History in the Twentieth Century | Princeton |2010

An unfinished memoir by one of America’s great sinologists, starting as an Army private in the OSS in North China and experiencing the end of the Nationalist regime.


Simon Schuchat edited The 4 3 2 Review, Buffalo Stamps, and founded Caveman. His books include Svelte, Blue Skies, Light and Shadow, and At Baoshan. His poetry and translations appeared in Michael Lally’s anthology None of the Above, Andrei Codrescu’s Up Late, and various magazines and newspapers. He hasn’t published much in the past few decades, but may be reemerging.

Schuchat’s Attention Span for 2008. Back to 2011 directory.

Featured Title – The Missing Occasion of Saying Yes by Benjamin Friedlander

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Benjamin Friedlander | The Missing Occasion of Saying Yes | Subpress | 2007 | Goodreads | LibraryThing | 3 mentions in Attention Span 2008

friedlander-missingLovely music of what happens, gracefully. (Simon Schuchat)

Transatlantic two-step for treated Bösendorfer. My feet slip over at ends of lines, like when you trip in dreams. Your catching yourself’s the poem. (Rodney Koeneke)

Overviews from two of our most important poets at mid-career, presenting new opportunities to see where they’ve come from and where they’ve now brought us. (Tom Orange, reviewing this title along with Laura Moriarty’s A Semblance)

Written by Steve Evans

June 3, 2009 at 11:25 am