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Attention Span 2011 | Mathew Timmons

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Stan Apps | The World as Phone Bill | Combo | 2010

Allison Carter | Sum Total | eohippus labs | 2011

Harold Abramowitz | Not Blessed | Les Figues | 2010

Amanda Ackerman | The Seasons Cemented | Hex | 2010

Steven Zultanski | Cop Kisser | BookThug | 2010

Matvei Yankelevich | The Nature Poetry of Matvei Yankelevich | Ugly Duckling | 2010

Mairéad Byrne | The Best Of (What’s Left Of) Heaven | Publishing Genius | 2010

Donato Mancini | Fact ‘N’ Value | Fillip | 2011

Gregory Betts | The Others Raisd in Me | Pedlar | 2009

Janice Lee | Kerotakis | Dog Horn | 2010

Brian Getnick & Zemula Barr, eds. | Native Strategies: So Funny It Hurts. The performance art journal of Los Angeles, No. 1 | Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions | Spring-Summer 2011


Los Angeles based artist, writer, curator and critic Mathew Timmons‘ books include The New Poetics (Les Figues), Sound Noise (Little Red Leaves), CREDIT (Blanc Press) & Lip Service (Slack Buddha); and forthcoming projects include Lip Service / Sound Noise / Basic Hearing (Jaded Ibis Press), Where is it Written? (Imipolex Press), and After Darío (Phoneme Books).

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Attention Span 2011 | Harold Abramowitz

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Amanda Ackerman | The Seasons Cemented | Hex | 2010 

Stan Apps | The World as Phone Bill | Combo | 2010

Cara Benson | (made) | Book Thug | 2010

Allison Carter | All Bodies Are The Same and They Have The Same Reactions | Insert | 2010

John Cleary, Kristine Leja, Jason Snyder, eds. | Sidebrow  |

E. Tracy Grinnell | Leukadia | Trafficker | 2010

Adriano Spatola, trans. Brendan W. Hennessey & Guy Bennett | Toward Total Poetry | Otis / Seismicity | 2008

Myriam Moscona , trans. Jen Hofer | Negro Marfil Ivory Black | Les Figues | 2011

CJ Martin | Two Books | Compline | 2011

Marosa di Giorgio, trans. Jeannine Marie Pitas | The History of Violets | Ugly Duckling | 2010

Vanessa Place | The Discourse of The Slave | Book Thug | 2010

Mathew Timmons | The New Poetics | Les Figues | 2010


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Abramowitz’s Attention Span for 2010, 2009. Back to 2011 directory.

Attention Span 2010 – Harold Abramowitz

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Christine Wertheim, ed. | Feminaissance | Les Figues | 2010

Deborah Meadows | Depleted Burden Down| Factory School | 2009

Demosthenes Agrafiotis | Maribor | Post Apollo | 2009

Donato Mancini | 105 posbl resons 4t ;; of thot –or- d ;; of doze hu undRst& | BookThug | 2010

Jane Sprague | The Port of Los Angeles | Chax | 2009

Jen Karmin | aaaaaaaaaaalice | Flim Forum | 2010

Kate Eichhorn and Heather Milne, eds.| Prismatic Politics: Innovative CanadianWomen’s Poetry and Poetics| Coach House | 2009

Tina Darragh & Marcella Durand | Deep eco pre | LRL e-editions | 2009

Carlos Oquendo de Amat | 5 Metros de Poemas | Ugly Duckling | 2010

Wendy S. Walters| Longer I Wait, More You Love Me | Palm | 2009

Will Alexander | The Sri Lankan Loxodrome | New Directions | 2009

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Attention Span 2009 – Stan Apps

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Harold Abramowitz | Dear Dearly Departed | Palm Press | 2008

A book about the difficulty and sadness of speaking to someone who is no longer present. Somewhere between an elegy and a guide to epistolary conventions, it contains every emotion that could possibly go in a letter:  “And that was looking around. It was a very serious business and tomorrow was another day, but not a day of torment. Not a day of torment.”

Steve Aylett | Lint | Thunder’s Mouth Press | 2005

An absurdist biography of a fictional science-fiction writer (based loosely on Philip Dick). This book is very funny and written in a complexly mannered and overloaded prose that resembles poetry:  “His very awareness of words’ limitations made him run around like some nutter with a blowpipe, creating a career described variously as a triumph, a benchmark for defeat, a systemized kitsch torus, hell on a stick, a ferocious bluff, the revenge of the Alexandrian library, a strange honking sound, not too shabby, glyph contraband, nutty slack, exhausting, a catalog of fevers, and ‘gear.’”

Micah Ballard | Parish Krewes | Bootstrap Press | 2009

Lyric poems about the beauty of those who are dead. A displaced erotic energy takes the shape of mysterious ritual:  “the theme of death is our thiefhood.”

David Buuck | The Shunt | Palm Press | 2009

Ten years of poems charting the ups and downs of our collective crisis mentality. A poetry of puns and outrage, prying at the scab of our public discourse:  “thus – this – these – / Stanzas in Medication // (spits) // whose side / effects are you / — on?”

Lawrence Giffin | Get the Fuck Back into that Burning Plane | Ugly Duckling Press  | 2009

A prison-house of linguistic complexity. Giffin studies how consumerist discourse encloses and subordinates other discursive modes:  “your comprehensiveness is undercut / by the purchasing power of others.”

Renee Gladman | To After That (Toaf) | Atelos | 2008

The story of an unfinished book, carefully chronicling the book’s drafts and why it was repeatedly dropped and abandoned. Ultimately, the book-about-the-book takes the place of the book per se. A wonderful articulation of the rhythms of a writer’s life and the sensation of nursing along an inchoate book:  “it was devastating. . . to have written a book and to have lost it and to be holding it there all at once.”

Jennifer Moxley | Clampdown | Flood Editions | 2009

This poetry has the political intensity and representational clarity of mid-career Auden. Moxley uses allegorical tableau to frame her progressive critique of liberal political orthodoxy. I admire her embrace of direct statement:  “I remember feeling / a hollow failure at the particularity / of these pleasures.”  Or “The / private-sector mercenaries / ride roughshod over espousers / of eroded nobility as well as the / merely weak.”

Julien Poirier | Back On Rooster | Gneiss Press | 2007

A chapbook length poem, published in an edition of 52. A study of mental process, the inexorable bob-and-weave of consciousness carrying on:  “it’s an accident / when it / happens I like it / it changes me / I appear”

Michael Nicoloff and Alli Warren | Bruised Dick | no press | no date (probably 2007)

A polymorphously perverse collaborative collection. I think it’s sold out but hopefully will be re-released someday with the same silly picture of the two author’s faces blended on the cover. This is probably the most fun book on my list—I read it probably 20 times:  “stake a claim in there / where the damp and emotional / rust builds up all disco / on your balls and ass”

Erika Staiti | Verse/Switch & Stop-Motion | no press | 2008

Just a Xeroxed booklet of very good poems. I expect these will be published in a less ephemeral form eventually. A loving study of aggression as a social dynamic. “when you’ve got nothing to give, you give someone a shiner // dot blogspot dot com”

Stephanie Young | Picture Palace | ingirumimusnocteetconsumimurigni | 2008

A fascinating dislocation of the biographical impulse. Work that charts subjectivity’s accumulation and erosion:  “Many things must be made new for a tonal shift to stick.”

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