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Attention Span 2011 | Suzanne Stein

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Brian Whitener | False Intimacy | Trafficker | 2011

Erika Staiti | In the Stitches | Trafficker | 2011

Dana Ward | Cory Arcangel’s “All the Parts from Simon and Garfunkel’s 1984 Central Park Performance Where Garfunkel Sings with His Hands in His Pocket” | Open Space, the SFMOMA blog | November 10, 2010

Kaja Silverman | Flesh of My Flesh| Stanford | 2009

Barrett Watten | Total Syntax | Southern Illinois | 1985


There are some other things I loved this year also. Laura Moriarty’s | A Tonalist | (Nightboat Books | 2010). David Brazil’s | yo! eos! | (Neo-Baroque, 2011). Sara Larsen’s | The Hallucinated (cannot exist, 2011). I stopped going to poetry readings at the beginning of November. I read The Coming Insurrection. I remembered I went to work in an art museum because I love the way I feel when I am looking at paintings, so I looked at a lot of paintings. I read The Handbook of Poetic Forms. I watched Gena Rowlands in Opening Night again and I bought the John Cassavetes | Five Films box set from The Criterion Collection | 2004. I went to the Bancroft Library for the first time. I listened to Stephen Cope’s | Conference of the Birds | podcasts. I went to Detroit. I stopped in Boston, Baltimore, and Denver. I went to Maine. I visited the Kabuki Hot Springs eight times. I read The Painting of Modern Life. I didn’t go to the office on a lot of Fridays. I looked at a calendar chronology of Duchamp. I bought a rotary telephone and a Sunday subscription to the New York Times. “No knows where that humming is coming from; one could not stop it if one tried.” (Barrett Watten, Total Syntax, 1985.)


Suzanne Stein is a poet. She works currently as community producer at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, editing the museum’s online magazine, Open Space, and organizing a variety of talk- and conversation-based programs. She lives in Oakland. Stein’s Attention Span for 20102009. Back to 2011 directory.

The Poets Don’t Know from Secrets

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lipstickErika Staiti – from Go, Poet, Go (2’26”). Recorded shortly after the January 17, 2009, performance of the text at Canessa Park and archived in its entirety (10’11”) on A Voice Box (a faulty mic connection spoiled the live recording). Two poems from Shampoo 32. Staiti’s contribution to the SPT Aggression Conference in May 2008. Her discourse documenting project What We SaidStan Apps on Verse/Switch & Stop Motion (a “stapled, xeroxed book” in private circulation). Kevin Killian’s account of an evening of Neo Benshi that included Staiti’s telling of a scene from Cassavetes’s A Woman Under the Influence. • Jennifer Manzano alludes to Staiti’s performance in a discussion of “poets and their clothes.”

Written by Steve Evans

July 29, 2009 at 10:32 am