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Attention Span 2011 | Mark Truscott

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We give a slight edge to perception over conception.

Ken Belford | Decompositions | Talon | 2010 

Camille Martin | Sonnets | Shearsman | 2010

Donato Mancini | Buffet World | New Star | 2011

Thomas A. Clark | The Hundred Thousand Places | Carcanet | 2010

Arakawa and Madeline Gins | Mechanism of Meaning | Abrams | 1979

Josef Albers | Interaction of Color | Yale | 2006

Donald Judd | Complete Writings 1959-1975 | NSCAD | 2005

Mark Goldstein | Tracelanguage: A Shared Breath | BookThug | 2010

Laynie Browne | The Desires of Letters | Counterpath | 2010

Dorothea Lasky | Poetry Is Not a Project | Ugly Duckling | 2010

Jon Cotner and Andy Fitch | Ten Walks/Two Talks | Ugly Duckling | 2010

(With longing glances toward Stephen Collis’s On the Materials and Joseph Massey’s At the Point, which unjustly remain in the reading pile.)


Mark Truscott is the author of Said Like Reeds or Things (Coach House, 2004), Nature (BookThug, 2010), and Form: A Series (BookThug, 2011). He lives in Toronto.

Truscott’s Attention Span for 2008. Back to 2011 directory.

Attention Span 2010 – Thomas Devaney

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L.S. Asekoff | The Gate of Horn | TriQuarterly / Northwestern | 2010

Macgregor Card | Duties of An English Foreign Secretary | Fence | 2010

Allison Cobb | Green-Wood | Factory School | 2010

Joanna Fuhrman | Pageant | Alice James | 2009

Ish Klein | Union! | Canarium | 2009

Dorothea Lasky | Black Life | Wave | 2010

Ann Lauterbach | Or To Begin Again | Penguin | 2009

Pattie McCarthy | Table Alphabetical of Hard Words | Apogee | 2010

Gabriela Mistral, trans. Randall Couch) | Madwomen | Chicago | 2009

Geoffrey O’ Brien | Early Autumn | Salt | 2010

Matvei Yankelevich | Boris By the Sea | Octopus | 2009

Catherine Wagner | My New Job | Fence | 2010

Dara Wier | Selected Poems | Wave | 2009

More on Thomas Devaney here. His Attention Span for 2009, 2008. Back to directory.

Attention Span 2010 – Eric Baus

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Fred Moten | B Jenkins | Duke | 2010

“come from some of everywhere, somewhere so deep that some of everywhere come with you. to become for our occult belongings, // worldly in that other way”

Dorothea Lasky | Black Life | Wave | 2010

“You are reading the work of a great poet, possibly one of the greatest ones of your time. If I am standing in from of you right now, you are listening to the voice of one of the greatest poets of your time.”

Bhanu Kapil | Humanimal: A Project For Future Children | Kelsey St. | 2009

“I am not interested in animals. Return to the work as memory. Say it is a wolf becoming a girl, the action in reverse.”

Tan Lin | Seven Controlled Vocabularies | Wesleyan | 2010

“People are basically animals that know how to read.”

Steven Zultanski | Pad | Book Thug | 2010

“My dick cannot lift the walls. My dick cannot lift the ceiling. My dick cannot lift the floor.”

Will Alexander | The Sri Lankan Loxodrome | New Directions | 2010

“such swans / staggered by microbial reasoning / their aggressive nests / anatomical with anomaly”

Paul Killebrew | Flowers | Canarium | 2010

“It’s better than Atlanta, where they treat people like cars / in a city that combines the rustic elegance of Newark / with the quiet dignity of a beer bong.”

Edouard Glissant, trans. Nathalie Stephens | Poetic Intention | Nightboat | 2010

“When the poet travels to the ends where there is no country, he opens with the more deserved relation, in that space of an absolute elsewhere in which each can attempt to reach him.”

Lisa Robertson | R’s Boat | California | 2010

“Say I’m a beautiful animal who has mastered laziness / In reddened clearing in the occidental forest / In the album / Purse of goddess clicking / I long to see how it will continue to behave”

Norma Cole | Where Shadows Will | City Lights | 2009

“Here the subject thinks ‘there could be flowers’ or ‘the water was a bit disturbed when the ring fell in.’ All that, painted from said things, pleases it.”

More Eric Baus here. Back to directory.

Attention Span 2010 – Jordan Stempleman

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Heather Christle | A Difficult Farm| Octopus | 2009

When, months in advance, the memory gets it right, once and for all, equipment will not wake us, and our possessions will sound more like we do.

Joy Williams| Honored Guest | Knopf | 2004

A collection of short stories about the insupportable unease of bare life and surprises like dying.

Kelly Link | Magic For Beginners | Small Beer |2005

Ghosts, zombies, cannons, ex-wives, dead and there at Disneyworld.

Zachary Schomburg | Scary, No Scary | Black Ocean | 2009

Poems suddenly planted in the waking world that update the necessary terror and steady welcomed breathlessness found in old-fashioned sublimity.

Linh Dinh | Some Kind Of Cheese Orgy | Chax |2009

We do say these things; think these things; laugh at these things; say we’re not these things that we are.

VA | Disco Prairie Social Aid And Pleasure Club | Factory Hollow | 2010

The best lines found elsewhere, now poems somewhat to themselves (144 poets).

Dorothea Lasky| Black Life |Wave | 2010

“Fear is not irony”

I was instantly shaken then hooked on this poet when I saw her read in Iowa City in 2007. Astounding mixture of head/heart.

Sawako Nakayasu| Texture Notes | Letter Machine | 2010

Poems more about what sensations do when sensations are focused on the object they carry: “The texture not of motherfucking diarrhea, but texture of / the girls, women, all ages and sizes, who have it, diarrhea / like a motherfucker.”

More Jordan Stempleman here. His Attention Span for 2007. Back to directory.

Written by Steve Evans

September 17, 2010 at 1:37 pm