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Attention Span 2012 | Brian Kim Stefans

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1. Alain Badiou | The Rebirth of History: Times of Riots and Uprisings | Verso | 2012

2. Perry Anderson | Considerations on Western Marxism | Verso | 1976

3. Ian Bogost | Alien Phenomenology, or What is it Like to be a Thing |  Minnesota | 2012

4. George Berkeley | Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous | Hackett | 1979 [1713]

5. James Warren | The Presocratics: Natural Philosophers before Socrates |  California | 2007

6. Mikhail Bakunin | Statism and Anarchy | Cambridge | 1990 [1873]

7. Quentin Meillassoux | After Finitude: An Essay on the Necessity of Contingency | Continuum | 2010

8. Tiqqun | Raw Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl | Translator/publisher unknown | 2001 [1999]

9. Ring T. Cardé and Vincent H. Resh, eds. | A World of Insects: The Harvard University Press Reader | 2012

10. Kathy Acker | Blood and Guts in High School | Grove | 1978

11. David Chalmers | The Conscious Mind: In Search of a Fundamental Theory | Oxford | 1997

I don’t have time to annotate all of these, but basically I’m just doing a lot of reading in idealist philosophy (inspired by the Speculative Realists’ desire to imagine a metaphysics in a pre-Kantian fashion and Badiou’s call for a controlling “Idea” in future political activism or protest), pre-Marxist (or co-Marxist) political theory, and cognitive theory (including that of animals!) in terms of its possible relationship to Speculative Realism (otherwise known as Object-Oriented Ontology). The Acker book might seem random in that context, but I assigned it for my Experimental Fiction class and haven’t read it yet.


Brian Kim Stefans’s contribution to Attention Span for 2011 and 2003. Return to 2012 directory.

Written by Steve Evans

December 27, 2012 at 1:52 pm

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