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Attention Span 2012 | Michael Scharf

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Adil Jusawalla | Trying to Say Goodbye | Almost Island | 2011

“Trapped land, your stunning stash
in patched-up hideaways,
may you find an out.”

Benjamin Friedlander | One Hundred Etudes | Edge | 2012

“But who

Rhymes ‘pain’ for
Loaf of bread’?
No revolution ever

Caught my finger
In history’s cardoor,
But I hear

Your key turn
In my head.”

The ‘ardor’ in ‘cardoor’ = part of BF’s genius

Bill Luoma | Some Math | Kenning | 2011

The landfall of a continental glacier

Cecelia Vicuña | SABORAMI | ChainLinks | 2011

Publishing that redefines the Anglophone 70s

Josef Kaplan | Democracy is Not for the People | Truck | 2012

No tenable position to take within what’s given (global transactionalism; collective action vs. the military/militarized police; bourgeois literary apparatus/print response) and what one is forced to become

Not the same thing as nihilism


Kynpham Sing Nongkynrih | The Yearning of Seeds | HarperCollinsIndia | 2011

“I hate the season when my thoughts
bend to leaders like the wind.”

Lisa Robertson | the venus problem, Or “On Physical Real Beginning and What Happens Next by T. Lucretius Carus: An Essay on Translation.” Poetry and prose | Triple Canopy | 2011

“go Venus go vernal”

Regan Good | The Atlantic House | Harry Tankoos | 2011

“I thought: Here is the surface on which to see Nature,
but as I turned it to regard me, my face was nil, nihil.”

Sonam Kachru | The Last Embrace of Color and Leaf: Introducing Aśvaghoṣa’s Disjunctive Style | Almost Island | 2012

“In these two feet, after a flurried denial of activity, a verbal root (sthā; meaning, to stand) is folded into a nominal form, the past passive participle, and rhymed with an arresting word that precedes it, likhitā, meaning painted: likhitāivasthitāh: thus, ‘drained of action,’ the verse seems to say, ‘they stood, as if painted.'”

Vahni Capildeo | Dark & Unaccustomed Words | Eggbox | 2012

“This needs time: that goes far:
wait, a whole work, like heaven.

And radiant intersections give up sight.

Drop day.

Admit I hold more light.”


Michael Scharf is the author of For Kid Rock/Total Freedom. His collection of critical work, The Res Poetica, is forthcoming. He lives in New York, where he works in natural language processing, and in Shillong.

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Written by Steve Evans

November 5, 2012 at 5:33 pm

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