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Attention Span 2012 | David Buuck

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Kristin Ross | The Emergence of Social Space: Rimbaud and the Paris Commune | Minnesota | 1988

Works against the romantic/biographic readings of Rimbaud to get at the social-spatial politics of 1871. Recommended for anyone trying their twinkle fingers at some Occupo.

Sean Bonney | Happiness: poems after Rimbaud | Unkant | 2011

B/w the Ross and Bonney’s (online) open letters, esp “Letter on Riot as Prosody.” Punk-drunk anti-austere anti-austerity.

Laurie Weeks | Zippermouth | Feminist Press | 2011

What Eileen Myles does for the 70s downtown scene in Inferno, Weeks does for the LES in the 80/90s. I hate the adjective, but the sentences truly are breathless.

Pacific Standard Time exhibits | LA, San Diego, & environs | 2011 | link

Incredible range of well-curated shows covering the last fifty years of SoCal scenes. Resisted focusing only on the big names to emphasize under-appreciated feminists, conceptualists, and artists of color that were doing work just as avant-garde (& generally more politically inflected) as the UCLA and CalArts boys.

Black Took Collective | &Now Festival | San Diego | 2011

Explosive balance between biting comedy and discomforting (not-post-but-past-and-ever-present) racial performance, with improvised writing and movement, masks, and video. Wow.

Faustin Linyekula & Studios Kabako | Yerba Buena Center for the Arts | SF | 2011

Linyekula is one of a handful of younger African choreographers who are reinventing all the tired notions of “African dance” without simply adapting to the Western canon/market. Unrelentingly fierce work that never lets you forget what’s at stake, be it the cultural politics of the postcolony or ecstatic black bodies working out the consequences.

Laura Kipnis | Marx: The Video (A Politics of Revolting Bodies) | 1990

Who knew that a feminist politics could hinge on Marx’s carbunkles. Brilliant.

Fiona Banner | Heart of Darkness | A Room for London | 2012 | link

Brian Cox doing a dramatic reading of Orson Welles’ never-filmed screenplay of Heart of Darkness, in Banner’s exacting replication of the boat Conrad took down the Congo, perched above the London River. Over Cox’s shoulders and through the windows you can watch the sun set on Empire.

Eirik Steinhoff | Fiery Flying Roules | 2011-12 | link

Along with numerous non-institutional writing coming out of Occupy Oakland and Occupy Cal. As most academics and ‘expert commentators’ seem to think OWS is the only social movement worth pontificating about, activists out west have produced incisive theorizations from within the tensed present of the more militant confrontations with the capitalist police state. All hail the pamphleteers.

Occupy Oakland & its post-Mayday offshoots | (ongoing)

Shout outs to the Oakland Poets Brigade.


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Written by Steve Evans

November 2, 2012 at 11:21 am

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