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Attention Span 2012 | Stacy Szymaszek

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Etel Adnan | Sea and Fog | Nightboat | 2012

Rebecca Brown | American Romances: Essays | City Lights |2009

Cynthia Carr | Fire in the Belly: The Life and Times of David Wojnarowicz | Bloomsbury | 2012

Diana Hamilton | Okay, Okay | Truck | 2012

Lisa Jarnot | Robert Duncan: The Ambassador from Venus: A Biography | California | 2012

P. Inman | per se | Burning Deck | 2012

Habib Tengour, ed. and trans. Pierre Joris | Exile Is My Trade: A Habib Tengour Reader | Black Widow | 2012


Stacy Szymaszek is Artistic Director at the Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery. She is the author of Emptied of All Ships and Hyperglossia (both with Litmus Press). She is the editor of Gam, coeditor of Instance Press, and was one of the editors of the “Queering Language” issue of EOAGH.

Stacy Szymaszek’s contribution to Attention Span for 2011. Back to 2012 directory.

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October 10, 2012 at 3:26 pm

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