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Attention Span 2012 | Ish Klein

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Naomi Mitchison | Travel Light | Peapod Classics | 2005

Travel Light I found during this year’s Readercon while I was sitting at the Small Beer table with Jed. Small Beer publishes it on their imprint Peapod Classics. I recommend it because it shows how relationships endure through time and circumstances. It also shows how a person can escape from prison. It was intended for children but older people seem to like it.

Craig Williamson | A Feast of Creatures:  Anglo-Saxon Riddle Songs | Pennsylvania | 1982

I have no idea why I decided to pick up The Feast of Creatures. I found it at the Jones Library in Amherst. It is the greatest book of poems because it led to my studying the Exeter book. 

Greg Purcell | The Fundamentals | No Slander | 2009

A large part of why Greg and I go out is because I love his work. This chapbook shows his immediate and necessarily changeable relationship to each letter in the English alphabet. It is brilliant and beautiful and honest and unapologetic.

Guido Bonneschky, trans. Wilhelm Hamm | The Puppet-Play of Doctor Faust | Wilhelm Hamm | 1850

This puppet play is based on the original chapbook entitled, Historia von D. Johann Fausten. Nobody knows who wrote the original work but it was published by Johann Spies in the 16th century, probably. It is one very creepy puppet play; why I am dealing with it is to translate it to comedy.

Haruki Murakami, trans. Phillip Gabriel | What I Talk About When I Talk About Running | Knopf | 2008

This is the best book that I have ever read about running or writing. It is clear and pragmatic. What thoughts go through a marathoner’s mind, “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

Edred Thorsson | Futhark:  A Handbook of Rune Magic | Red Wheel/Weiser | 1984

I’m interested in runes. Rituals are a good way of developing concentration. Also I love trees and runes are often called twig language.

John Kemble | On Anglo-Saxon Runes | Anglo-Saxon Books | Reprinted 1993

This book is information about runes without any concessions to the mystical. The greatest part of it is finding out about the history of runes and the riddles which accompany them.

John Cassidy and B.C. Rimbeaux | Juggling For The Complete Klutz | Klutz | 2007

What’s inspiring about this book other than the fact that it teaches you to juggle is that the writers created a whole livelihood out of it. It’s good also because it’s light hearted and strange. This is another book that is meant for kids but could be appreciated by adults.

George Philip Krapp and Elliot Van Kirk Dobbie, eds. | The Exeter Book | Columbia | 1936

My first intention was to do phonetic translation of the poems. What often happens though is that the words go their own way. I do not know how else to explain that. I give this book the highest recommendation, I am very glad that it was saved in the year 1050. Nobody knows who wrote most of it.

Kenneth W. Ford | 101 Quantum Questions | Harvard | 2011

This book was just to be a vocabulary/imagination booster and now I’m very involved with the concepts. Entangled with the Complexity.


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Written by Steve Evans

October 1, 2012 at 10:30 am

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