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Attention Span 2012 | Anne Boyer

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Honoré de Balzac | Lost Illusions | 1843

Soon enough, every other thing we said was “Rustics in Paris.” I couldn’t pack for a trip without a new awareness of the perils of mis-styling facing the provincial poet. I couldn’t read poetry aloud without imagining someone would rather be playing cards. It began to mean something when I wore the right pair of boots.

Eileen Myles | Inferno | OR Books | 2010

Rustics in Paris, or how some girls can make currency.

Ariana Reines | Mercury | Fence | 2011

I ran into Ariana Reines and her lover literally reaching for the stars on the streets. This wasn’t even the dream part—that came later that night, on Nada Gordon’s sofa, when in my restless sleep, Ariana’s veins were a map.

Lisa Robertson | Nilling | Bookthug | 2012

In my 39th year, I’m reading The Men on repeat. I’d been waiting a long time for someone to write about Arendtian natality, the agora, and the vernacular in relationship to poetics. Nothing is better than the person who gave us “their problematic politics adorable” also giving us this.

Lauren Berlant | Cruel Optimism | Duke | 2011

Rejecting both self-improvement and sociality, I spent New Year’s Day reading about the perils of both. I text messaged a lot of it to non-academic friends, probably up through January 10. Later, whenever I’d visit an apartment in a city, I’d see it on every coffee table.

Silvia Frederici | Caliban and the Witch | Autonomedia | 2004

And when will Caliban and the Witch be on every coffee table? Or is it mostly suitable for book-shaped shields against cops? We talk about it on sidewalks, in restaurants, in martial arts classes, on the sofa, in the pool.

Jackie Wang | Assorted Internet Presence| ballerinasdancewithmachinegun | 2011-2012

Looking through my notes for the year, I found I’d written “everything that Jackie Wang tagged Tiqqun.”

CA Conrad | A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon | Wave | 2012

The world gives us cops and cops and cops and cops and cops, but CA Conrad gives us Breton-trumping anarcho-lyric behavior and l’amo[u]r mundi fou.

Guillermo Parra | Venepoetics Blog | 2011-2012

Without Parra’s generous practice of translation I’d never have found “Against the Police” by Miguel James or Víctor Valera Mora’s poem “3 Liter Masseratti.”

Juliana Spahr and David Buuck | Army of Lovers | BOMB 118 | 2012

The political vision/ pornographic.

Annie Le Brun | Sade: A Sudden Abyss | City Lights | 2001

The pornographic vision/political.


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Written by Steve Evans

September 26, 2012 at 10:59 am

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