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Different Every Time It’s Intoned

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lipstickLaura Elrick – “That sees process…” (1’51”). Excerpt from an audio project based on Fantasies in Permeable Structures, played and discussed on Kareem Estefan‘s Ceptuetics radio show at WNYU on April 23, 2008. “The audio piece is made of particles. It is in a sense almost an anti-text. It can’t really be written down. I’ve tried and failed to write it down. It’s different every time it’s intoned, as you’ll hear. It’s created by layered recordings of my own voice. So there’s overlap and diffraction and splitting open and infolding and repelling and redoubling of languages and words” (hear the description here). More Elrick and Ceptuetics on PennSound. • Tracklist here. Mirrored here.

Written by Steve Evans

June 27, 2009 at 11:13 am

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